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Getting ready for Easter

Every year I keep telling myself to make sure I don’t get too busy leading up to Easter, so I can take time to really reflect on God’s gift of salvation to the world; and every year I find myself still rushing around and not taking time to have the quiet reflection that I want to honour Jesus with.

Yet, the Easter story itself has so much happening in it in such a short space of time. From Palm Sunday through to the resurrection, there appears to be every human emotion involved. If my gift of thanksgiving can’t always be in the form of quiet times with God, then let my busy-ness and the opportunities that God brings into my day, be my gift of thanksgiving to Him.

Easter is a time of reflection and celebration – individually and as a family of God. It is also a powerful opportunity to share the Good News to others in the community. This year we are blessed with a number of people preparing events to reflect and celebrate the Easter story. There are the various services throughout Easter, from Tenebrae service Thursday evening, the Walk of Witness Friday morning with other churches, the Easter Experience Friday and Saturday in the church and two services on the Sunday, to celebrate the Good news. Each of these events have been prepared for you to personally understand God’s love for you. Each of these events are also there as an opportunity to share the Easter message with others that God is calling to.

What has God got to tell you today? Is there an aspect of his message that you haven’t considered before? What opportunities might He have for you this Easter to share with others the Easter message.

In the preparations leading up to Easter I am reminded that “we are carefully joined together in Him, becoming a holy temple for the Lord.” (Ephesians 2: 21). He will use our busy days, He will use our willingness and He will use our words and actions to glorify His name.

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