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"Glorify God.............Grow.............Go"
Worldwide mission at St Andrew's focuses on the "Go" of our vision statement.
We believe that God loves all people and wants to have a relationship with them.
All of us have a role to play - some are called to go and some are called to support them.
The St Andrew's Missionary Support team oversees activities relating to the global missionaries supported by St Andrew's.
This involves sharing regular updates and prayer needs with the church community, managing the financial support, organising events related to Global Missions and keeping regular contact with our missionaries.

Our Missionaries

Malcolm & Sandy Potter

Chiang Mai,
Malcolm & Sandy work with World Outreach at Baan Faa Mai, a youth centre for tribal children and young people in the town of Mae Chaem, which is about 2 hours south of Chiang Mai.
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Kathryn McDaniel

Chiang Mai,
Kathryn is involved with an outreach ministry to the foreign inmates of Chang Mai Prison and local police stations.
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