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At St Andrew’s we aim to encourage and serve you and your family as you seek to build faith foundations. Our desire is that each child and family will be built up in faith, grounded in God’s word and encouraged to live a lifelong commitment to Christ and his teaching. We seek to work with parents and caregivers to help them equip their children to take their place in God’s world. As the home is the key place where faith is grown and fostered, we help by providing ideas, resources, and support.

Meet our Children's Ministry Leaders

Hilary Muir

Murray & Lynore Bradshaw

Maia Rae
Youth & Overflow

Church Crèche


Ages 0 - 5


During the school term, every Friday morning we host a creche for 0-5year olds, in our church foyer. In conjunction with the Women's study group.
Here the children enjoy songs, prayer, morning tea, and the play equipment provided.
Two's and Toddlers


Ages 1 - 3


Every Sunday morning we host a creche for 1-3-year-olds, in our church foyer. There is a TV and sound operational during the service for parents who accompany the children.


Ages 3 to 6
Firecrackers are held in our McKenzie Lounge in the Hall.  A varied session based on the Bible. Stories, action songs, craft, and prayer is our focus.
Ages 7 upwards


At 7UP we are going through the Bible from beginning to end and are currently in the Old Testament. We run 7UP once a fortnight apart from the odd exception. We believe it is important for kids to be part of the wider church family as well as being taught the Bible at their own level.
A room for parents/caregivers is available in the hall complex in the Wesley and McKenzie Lounges, Monday to Friday for feeding, changing nappies, making yourself a hot drink. 
We'd love to see you and offer a space for you to relax.
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