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The Fleck Family

Kenneth & Kim Fleck

Chiang Mai,

Kim, Shani, Jenna & Kenneth

Project Radical Grace
Going in Faith, Working from Hope, Living in Love.
The Fleck Family Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We strongly believe that life is never just one thing, but a medley of experiences and opportunities. We have been in Thailand since 2009 developing relational approaches to HIV and AIDS in Thailand and globally.
As HIV is a symptom of broken relationships we are working out of a relational model which includes: church planting, research, design, increasing capacity and support of local strategies for transformation in communities. Our dream is that the love of God will be seen in action throughout the country of Thailand. This work will be complemented by visioning how SIM can provide support and influence into the surrounding region. This work is funded through donations via SIM projects. Contact us for further details.
Working and living in Thailand is a privilege with many unique experiences. With Thai food, language, and culture we as a family continue to be learners. Jenna and Shani are enjoying Grace International School.
As part of our household we have a cat (Nitnoi) and a dog (Coffee). As a family we do not like to miss out on anything: Kenneth enjoys cycling, triathalons and drinking coffee. Kim enjoys reading, riding the motorbike and drinking Coke. Jenna enjoys swimming, little people and being with friends. Shani enjoys reading, swimming and being with people.
An important part of our work in Asia is creating awareness and hope to facilitate the connection of the skills and care from New Zealand in to the issues of Asia. There may be an opportunity for you to personally join us. We can not do this without prayer.
We have visited St Andrew's many times before coming to Chiang Mai, Thailand and also on our home assignment in 2012. We also spent a little time with the team that came in January and know the Potters quite well.
We have regular newsletters (Radical Grace) which we email out and we also post a printed copy for those who need it.
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Skype: kenneth.fleck
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SIM: is an international, interdenominational Christian NGO (Non-government organisation) whose roots date back to 1983. SIM has a wide range of foci which are based around the local church establishing sustainable positive impacts for the community which is based in advocacy and dialogue.
SIM New Zealand. PO Box 38 588, Howick, Manukau 2145
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